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How to Find a Research Supervisor

You should choose your research supervisor carefully. You will be working together for a number of months or years, so it’s a good idea to choose on the basis of your affinities and your personal and professional goals.

And how do you go about finding an expert to supervise you during your master’s or doctorate? Here are three ways to proceed, which you can also use if you’re seeking a supervisor for a research internship or postdoctoral fellowship.

1. Answer the Find my path questionnaire

Based on your answers to three questions, the Find Your Path questionnaire will suggest research projects in line with your objectives as well as faculty members with whom you could study. If you’re looking for a topic for your master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation, our questionnaire can guide you.

2. Consult the list of master’s and doctoral projects available for future students

INRS faculty members regularly invite master’s and doctoral students to join their teams to conduct innovative research in basic and applied science. Projects are offered all year long, but there are more options available in the spring.

Browse the list of projects for a look at the wealth of research activities and diversity of topics addressed at INRS. Found a project that catches your eye? Submit your application!

3. Browse the faculty directory

Browse the list of our professors to find someone to supervise you during your graduate studies. Their faculty profiles will tell you about their research areas. Use research criteria such as “Looking for students” and the search bar woth keywords to fine tune your search.