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Photos and Film Shoots during an Interview

Media representatives you meet with will often want to take photos of your laboratory or film your research team. Why not? Such exposure is a perfect opportunity to promote your work.

Think of it in the same way as having people over to your house. You want to be ready. Asking questions and planning ahead will help things go smoothly when the cameras arrive.

Laying the groundwork for an interview

There are a number of places that you can use for an interview without prior approval if media deadlines are tight, like your office, for example. But you should still let your research centre managers know so they can confirm the space is available when you need it for filming or an interview. Notify the Communications Department as well. They can help you assess the merits of an interview request, give you some tips on being filmed, and maximize the benefits of media coverage. Learn more about interview requests.

Getting permission for video/photo shoots

INRS research facilities look good on camera, and we are proud to show them off. But depending on the nature of the video or photo shoot, you may need to ask for permission from your research centre managers and, if applicable, the people who will be photographed or filmed.

  • Unless you plan to use your own office, always confirm with your research centre that the space you want to use is available when you need it.
  • You don’t need written permission for images of buildings, outdoor spaces, offices, and common areas and if you are the only person participating, unless the media visit interrupts normal activities for over an hour, requires the space to be rearranged for technical reasons, or involves a production crew of four or more people (including the journalist).
  • You must get written permission if your research team or anyone else will appear in photos or video footage taken in your research facility. You need consent from each person.
  • If images are shot in laboratories or secure locations, written authorization is required, and we suggest having someone from the Communications Department present.
  • Safety rules in laboratories and secure areas must be followed at all times by everyone present.
  • Journalists can accompany you everywhere except the National Experimental Biology Laboratory.

In short, when planning a shoot, you will need to specify where filming will take place in order to:

  • Protect intellectual property
  • Avoid disrupting research teams
  • Ensure the film crew’s technical and editorial needs are met
  • Make sure filming is safe
  • Consenting to image use

It is important to plan well for the arrival of journalists and cameras.

Consent to the use of its image

If other people will appear in the photos and videos, image rights come into play. Each person filmed or photographed must fill out and sign the release form to provide written consent for their image to be used. Ask the media relations team to send you the form.