Professor Patrizio Antici welcomed as a Fellow of the Institute of Physics

September 23, 2015

( update : September 15, 2020 )

Professor Patrizio Antici of Centre Énergie Matériaux Télécommunications at INRS has once again garnered international recognition for his work, having just been elected a Fellow of the Institute of Physics (IOP) for his outstanding scientific achievements in physics, particularly in the field of laser-generated particle sources.  

Professor Antici develops new types of particle accelerators using intense lasers for applications in the life sciences, medicine, basic physics, astrophysics, material sciences, and inertial confinement fusion. He is a member of numerous international groups of experts, including Extreme Light Infrastructure, which is setting up laser-accelerated particle beams. 
Professor Antici was also elected a Fellow of the European Physics Society earlier this year. 
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