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Workshops and Training Sessions

Each term, the Wellness Unit (CIME) and INRS Student Life Services, offers a variety of workshops and training sessions, in French or bilingual, aimed at promoting academic success.

The workshop and training offerings will be increased during the term.You will receive an email from the Student Life Services with program and scheduling information. Register now!


Workshops and Training Sessions

The workshops scheduled for each term will allow the student community to learn more and discuss topics related to the psychosocial, psychological and learning spheres, all three of which are very important during a academic career.

Working groups

French Conversation Workshop

Improve your ability to understand and speak French by communicating with your peers.

  • Every Wednesday from February 15 to March 8, 2023

Online Workgroup

Using the pomodoro method to decrease social isolation and to improve motivation. Group composed of INRS students. Work on your own goals with support!

Passed Working groups

French Conversation Workshop

  • Every Wednesday from January 18 to February 8, 2023
  • Every Wednesday from February 15 to March 8, 2023


Online Workgroup

  • Every Tuesday from January 17 to February 7, 2023
  • Every Tuesday from February 14 to March 7, 2023
  • Every Tuesday from March 14 to April 4, 2023

About Online Workgroup


Online (Zoom)

Do I have to register in advance?

Yes, you must register now in order to participate in this four-week block.


Individual academic tutoring

This service is offered to INRS students who want to improve their work, writing, reading, time management or attentional strategies. Anyone interested in a personalized meeting is invited to make an appointment.

French courses offered each term

drapeau quebec ucs

Your knowledge of the French language is limited? It is possible and even recommended to start or continue learning French. At the beginning of each term, you will receive an email from Student Life Services regarding French courses offered by various centers and external organizations. You will also find resources to practice your conversation and to improve your knowledge of the French language.

French is the official language in Quebec, although it is generally possible, especially in Montreal, to function in English. If you already speak French, you may have questions about certain Quebec words and expressions. To help you, or simply out of curiosity, consult this small Quebec lexicon (lexique québécois).

Writing support

Illustration: © Thèsez-vous?

Is writing papers and thesis a real challenge? Become a member of Thèsez-vous, which offers various types of writing tools and activities. You pay for your subscription to Thèsez-vous, and then INRS allocates you a fixed number of scholarship codes for registration to Thèsez-vous activities. To have access to scholarship codes, you must be registered in an INRS study program.

If you have any questions concerning the attribution of scholarship codes, please write to

For any question related to the activities offered by Thèsez-vous, write to

Writing without plagiarizing: the student’s responsibility

Whether you are preparing an academic paper, a scientific article, your dissertation or your thesis, you have a responsibility to avoid plagiarism.

INRS checks your texts and does not tolerate plagiarism (see section 11.12 of the Règlement sur les études supérieures). INRS provides students with a plagiarism detection tool called iThenticate. It is possible to verify the originality of your texts before submitting them.

For training or to obtain access, write to

A software to detect plagiarism

INRS provides students with a plagiarism detection tool called Compilatio. It is possible to verify the originality of texts, to obtain help to elaborate a bibliography correctly, to estimate the percentage of similarities, to verify the borrowed sources and more. But beware! Although useful for school work, the software is less suitable for research publications, scientific articles and theses.

For access to Compilatio, contact For context-sensitive training, email

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