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Technology dots background. Big data visualization. Futuristic dynamic wave. 3D rendering.

Applied Artificial Intelligence and Computational Science

Understanding the causes of the disappearance of bees, detecting burnout in nurses, predicting stress in police officers, contributing to the development of sustainable energy technologies. INRS provides knowledge in AI for the benefit of companies and communities.

intelligence artificielle

What makes INRS expertise so unique in applied AI are our top-of-the-line infrastructures in numerous domains such as biomedicine, photonics, wireless technology, and multisensor media, as well as our in-depth know-how in these domains, thus allowing us to better develop and fine-tune models and systems.

Our research teams aim to bring together their applied expertise in energy and materials as well as telecommunications and combine it with skills in machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI).

Our students, researchers and staff aim to bridge the gap between research and practice, making tools that can be used reliably by our research and industry partners in order to shape the future of AI in Québec.

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