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Social Ties, Population, and Life Stages

Research on social ties, population, and life stages aims to help us better understand the impact of recent social changes on the family, the workplace, and the community, as well as on key demographic phenomena.

What form do social ties take in an era where individuals have multiple affiliations and have inherited greater responsibility for their personal identity? That is the question faculty members seek to answer, by studying: family realities, private and public solidarity among various groups (youth, families, immigrants, Indigenous peoples, etc.), the role of the state, births, marriages, and deaths, the effects of immigration and integration policy, and population aging.

Our research teams are working on the following issues : state and legislative norms versus social practices and representations in the lives of individuals, couples, and families, the conditions for maintaining long-term social cohesion in a context of diversity, the role of government and civil society in combatting social exclusion, population aging and its consequences for society.

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